DIY Halloween!

Halloween is soo close. I really just realized this yesterday. This weekend there are a bunch of
Halloween parties going on and you're gonna need to dress up. Here are some fun DIY tutorials
I found around the web- thought I would share them with you.
From the amazing blog A Beautiful Mess. I think this lady bird costume is just too cute.
Here's how to make it.


Let's face it. Sometimes it's just fun to put on gnarly lashes. Halloween is a great excuse!
A little tutorial for ya here.


This is the quickest and easiest thing to make! Throw it on with any sort of clothing and say you're
a super hero. This is for that day of, "shoot! I need something to wear to that party tonight!"
See the easiest instructions ever here.


And another one from A Beautiful Mess- the rag doll. Just too cute. Remember Raggedy Ann?
What ever happened to her? Here's the tutorial for this little number.

Happy costume making and Happy Thursday!

skipping pandas photo source.

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hermes constance bag said...

Good job. I love the design.

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