Creative Connection LA- Recap!

If you've been reading my blog at all, you've seen me talk about the amazing organization called
Creative Connection. Their most recent event was for the LA ladies- at the Tea Exchange in
Manhattan Beach.

I was honored to have been asked to be a featured designer for the event. This meant that I took
care of designing all of the paper goods. The welcome sign, name tags, bags for the girls to put the business cards they collect inside.

I normally hate wearing nametags, because no matter what you do, they always seem to ruin your outfit... so I really wanted to make some cute ones :)

I thought, since we're having tea- our name tags should reflect the event and mimic actual tea bags.
The color I used throughout the products was a raspberry pink, being fun and girlee, but still with
that slight hint of fall.

The event was a blast. You are able to meet so many talented women who all want to encourage
and support you in your passion. Every single one of these ladies has a creative talent and passion
they are bringing to the world in someway. I am always motivated and inspired by them after leaving these events.

The Vintage Table and S'Wonderful Photography were the other featured creatives who
did an amazing job. The Vintage Table rents out vintage china and other fun things for weddings,
and S'Wonderful Photography takes beautiful photos. (pictured above) Also thanks to Stacee Liana
for letting me use your beautiful photos! Definitely check them out!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It looks like the sun is peaking out here in Burbank, hoping the weather
is slightly chilly but warm in the sun- perfect for that pumpkin spice lattee... yummms...


Christy LeMire said...

The name tags were so perfect! I had a s'wonderful time! :)

Angel Court Jewels said...

LOVE!!! Those are the cutest name tags that I've ever seen!!!

I wish I was back in the English countryside with a great cup of tea.


Joanna Waterfall said...

Glad you had a good time! And thanks @AngelCourt! I wish I was there too...

Susannah VanDyke {Lukas VanDyke Photography} said...

Ohmygosh I LOVE those nametags!! Wish I could've made it! Great job : )

Joanna Waterfall said...

Thanks Susannah! Maybe I'll see you at an upcoming event?

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