Gardens and Fall

A little dream of mine has always been to have a garden full of vegetables, spices and fruits
growing in our backyard. There's just something about getting fresh fruits and veggies that
makes them taste extra good. We just moved into our house in August, and seeing as I've never
really gardened, I started growing some spices in mason jars at our house.

Those have turned out pretty well- I was really excited that I didn't somehow kill them,
because the few times I've tried to keep plants alive, it hasn't worked out too well...
So now I'm thinking I might be ready to move into our backyard and do some gardening.
These lovely photos from Cannelle et Vanille are inspiring me to get going. So maybe next fall
we could pick out items from our garden and cook with them. I can taste the freshness now...

These photos are so fall. I love that. The colors on the trees here don't change much, but with the
slight chill in the air and the lowering of the sun, you can still feel it in the air.

Have an amazing weekend everyone- hope its the best!


Anonymous said...

You can blog your progress with your garden. Make sure to take a before shot! Happy weekend! Teri

Joanna Waterfall said...

I will! It will keep me accountable to doing it :)

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