A Big Decision and A Re-Brand

So I was watching "The September Issue" with Nolan the other day, (great documentary if
you haven't seen it) and one thing that Anna Wintour (the Editor-in-chief of US Vouge) said
was her greatest strength was decisiveness. This hit me hard because I am the least decisive person
on the plantet. I get so overwhelmed with how many cool things you can do that I tend not
to do them! This is a no-no and now its time for a change.

That being said- I have made the decision to go full time freelance.
Yup- I am now a full time freelance graphic designer! Ah! With the events that have
recently happened in my life, and the circumstances I have been given, I know and feel totally
(almost!) confident that this is the perfect next step for me as a graphic designer.
Just saying that and blogging that is a really big step for me. But I want to be honest
and open with you guys and think you should be in on what I'm up to :) Its kinda scary,
and its not easy at all, but I'm ready for the challenge and can't wait to see what comes of it.

So now here's for the fun part: my re-branding inspiration!

With this new decision I have decided to do a re-brand of myself and start fresh- (one of those
reasons being I have a sweet new last name I want to show off :)

So I've been experimenting with a new color palette, and again, ms. indecisive over here can't
seem to make a decision. I need something that is fun and reflects the kind of designer I am.

Here's some of my inspiration so far:

So tough. What do you guys think? Any freelancers out there have some suggestions for a
newbie like me??

Anyways today is national coffee day so I'm going to pour myself another cup and get going on
my workload for the day.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

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julie pickett said...


Jenna M. Dodson said...

You are so talented Joanna. I know God has wonderful things in store for you.

Joanna Noel said...

Thanks so much you guys. Your words and encouragement mean so much!

Lauren Ashley said...

Joanna! You are a gifted artist and glad you are putting your foot down and striding in confidence. Good for you! That is not easy to do--I am a very indecisive one myself.

I'd love for you to be the one to help design our save the dates & wedding invites. I've been looking and looking online and I think we should just go custom. We still would love for you to be our photographer for the big day as well. Love your work. We've got 1 year and 8 months to go! I'm so eager...but we can talk about that when it gets closer, or whatever works best for ya ;)

Joanna Noel said...

Lauren I would love to do your invites. Are you still thinking the orange grove/ watercolor look? I love your ideas :) You can always email me at joannanoelwaterfall@gmail.com and we can chat some more! Hope you're doing great chica!

Lauren Ashley said...

Hi again! Awe yes, that's what I'm still dreaming of!

I will contact you in the near future. Have a blast freelancing!

Tawny Burgess said...

Yay!!! i am so happy for you! And I am so excited to see how God is going to use you in your new adventure :D

By the way, I love "All Around Great Colors" and "Pretty and Sparkly."

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