A Little Random Date Night

Last night after getting home from work, Nolan proposed we head out to the Griffith Observatory.
I have never been, but always talk about going. I have to admit, my first reaction was to say, "lets
save that for a Friday or Saturday night, I'm tired and I feel like watching a movie and staying in."

But I'm trying to challenge myself these days and do things even when I don't feel like it.
So needless to say, we headed to the Observatory! And I am so glad we went. If you're in the LA
area, it is such a great place to head for a cheap date. You can go for free and enjoy the wonderful
view of LA and the museum, or you can pay $7 ($5 for students) and see the amazing show/movie
they play inside the dome. It's so worth it.

Its pretty amazing to think about how teeeeny tiiny we are in this universe. It makes all your
problems seem so much smaller, and less significant.

So head to the Observatory for a cheap weeknight date! Its so fun- and the beautiful romantic view is
pretty fun as well :)

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