I'm back from my trip and finally feeling caught up with work and sleep. Good feeling indeed.

This past trip was the longest I'd ever been away from my husband- and I know it sounds obvious, but I really really missed him! I was sad to leave everyone in Indiana but so happy to come home to my handsome man.

I stumbled upon these adorable cards this morning and fell in love! They explain my feeling of love
for Nolan today :)

Isn't it cute how the coffee mug is the only thing that shows when you open the envelope? It's little details like that I swoon over. And of course, I love my husband more than most things, but being that I'm addicted to coffee, I really related to these cards :) The shop has a ton of other cute items, so if you're ready for some cuteness, check them out!


Diana said...

These are so darling!

kelly handbag said...

Great design. I love it. Very beautiful .

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