Summer Time.

Can you believe that it's already the 4th of July?? I always see this day as the true middle of summer- but in my head I keep thinking that summer isn't really here yet... time truly does go by faster as you get older. But none the less, I'm happy it's here! 

I love barbecues. Good food, friends and nice weather. I love picking out recipes and outfits online even though I don't always make them and I don't usually have the clothes. But it's always good to get inspired! Here's what I came across today as the perfect 4th of July combo.
I think anyone would look adorable eating this strawberry, wearing this cute sweatshirt and these red flats. Oh man. Forth of July princess right there.

Today I hope you eat a ton of good food, hang with some good friends and see some beautiful fireworks. We're headed to a barbecue then a Dodger game tonight! I can't wait!

Have a wonderful day friends! Happy Summer!


Rachel said...

I love it when I'm part of the fun you're taking about on your blog! See you in a couple of hours!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Teri

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