hey friends!

hope you had a good week- this week was kinda crazy for me- but it was overall a good one.

right now I'm up north staying in my home town for the weekend, and it is so nice up here.
the air is so much more fresh and clean than it is in LA.

the great thing about freelancing is you can work from your laptop, and you can take that thing anywhere! so it gives me freedom to get away from time to time. my husband doesn't have that same luxury, and last night was our first night away from each other since being married! miss him already...
(please excuse the lovey dovey)

here are a few fun links I found this week, thought you might like :)

these girls have such fun, awesome style.

this flickr page has some random stuff, but it is so cool.

a yummy LA breakfast food guide. (whose with me to try them ALL??)

some very cool thanksgiving place cards. (thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away- holy moly
i need to start making pies)

and las but not least this blog has great interior design inspiration. i've been looking here for
ideas on how to make my new desk look cool.

have a GREAT weekend friends. i'm going to go enjoy the crisp fall air, drink some coffee
and eat a breakfast burrito.

photo source.


Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

I don't know if this is at all close to where you are, but we love love love to go to the Honeymoon Cafe in Pismo... we went there on our honeymoon, and try to go every time we're in the area. :) Have a great weekend!!

Joanna Waterfall said...

honeymoon cafe is about 5 minutes away from where I grew up! one of my favorite spots :) sooo good.

Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

No way!! Love that place! (We love to go to the cinnamon roll place, I forget the name now, and bring our rolls to the HM Cafe and eat with coffee... or just get one of their amazing sandwiches, then sit for hours and read our books... I want to go there!) When we were there on our Honeymoon, we asked if we could buy a mug. They loved our story and that we were there on our honeymoon so much that the owner at the time washed out his mug and gave it to us, along with a HM Cafe tank top! :) So fun!

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