lets talk about time management for a quick sec...


time management. its tough for me. especially as i get more work, and have more stuff to do.
i'm trying to learn how to get a bunch of stuff done quickly, while still making it look good.
being your own boss is awesome, but it takes a ton of dedication and self-discipline.

i don't want to loose sight of the things that are more important than work. like spending quality time
with my husband, having time to myself, keeping time to pray, exercise, etc. i mean, how do people
do it all?? and do it well? is that even possible?

just some things that i'm trying to figure out here as i get deeper into this running your own business thing.
its awesome, but a huge learning process! but to be honest with you all- i really am loving it. so much!

hope you all have a happy Thursday- its almost the end of the week! make it a good one!

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Donna Queza said...

I with you on this one! The reason I went out on my own was to feel more balanced and have more freedom to dedicate to family. I'm really working on working a typical 8 (or 9) hour workday and trying to keep the same hours as my clients.

One thing I've found helpful - don't send/answer emails before 8AM and after 6PM. It sets an expectation with your clients that you're "on call" and they're not paying you for that. I'm still working on it!

Hang in there! :)

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