my guest post on craft snob!

i had the opportunity to do a guest post over on this lovely craft blog today.
its confession time- i'm really not that great of a crafter, i just really want to be and totally
pretend that i am. so i have to admit i was a little intimidated when sara from Craft Snob
asked me to come up with a tutorial for how to make a Christmas tree ornament!

i originally thought i would just do a pdf download of something i designed (that i can do!)
but then once i got going, i thought, "i can totally make this in real life!" so i did. and you
can see how i did it right here!

i think it came out lookin pretty good! its full of patterns and color- so i like that :)


so head over to my guest post on Craft Snob, learn how to make this baby and show some love!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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