Lovely Coffee Drinker

This woman is a beautiful coffee drinker, don't you think?

She is an agency owner in Berlin. 

She enjoys inviting her contacts to themed dinner parties in her prewar Moabit flat located near the Tiergarten park: “I find it a wonderful way to bring people together who would not otherwise meet,” Silke says. “I’m also wild about cooking.” -exert from her interview here.

I love getting inspired by motivated, successful ladies. Especially when they drink coffee.


morgan. said...

i've seen the neon pink wall with the blue bike on blogs before, but the rest of her home is gorgeous. i love all the white with dangerous pops of color, it's so breathtaking.

i tweeted you yesterday, i'm so excited to have found your blog. i'm reading all the way backwards now!

Joanna Noel said...

I know- I love this home. So peaceful :) Glad you found the blog! Happy to have ya!

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