Inspiration Bored.

Ever get into that funk where you don't feel inspired to do anything?

That thing that you've always been good at, the thing that you have always loved- you just don't feel like doing it anymore? And then once you don't feel like doing it, you get even more discouraged because you're wondering what's wrong with you?

We have all been there. Especially me. Just a few months ago I was the queen of this.

But things have finally turned around for me. I am feeling so passionate, so fired up right now- ready to take on the next challenge- and it feels really good.

So what changed? A lot. So much changed in my life. I moved and got married, two major steps. But those are not the sole reasons for my newly found passion.

I think the most important factor in getting me inspired once again was learning to let go of my fear and just trust God. I have always cared A LOT about what other people think- so much so that I have let it control me- I have let it stop me from doing many things, especially what I love. Not that I still don't care, because I do. I think I'm just in the process of learning to let it go.

It's so hard to take risks with things that you are passionate about, the things you really want. Because if you try and fail, it hurts that much worse. It's like when you don't try on a test and fail, its not a big deal. You obviously didn't care that much in the first place. But if you studied for weeks, did endless research, went to every study group offered, then fail? That hurts.

I think that's a fear we all have instilled deep inside of us. What if I try- and fail?

Well, the truth of the matter is- you will fail. And you have to be ok with that. Just DO something. Take action- with whatever it is you love. And know that you're going to fail! You're gonna get lazy, you're gonna make mistakes and you're NOT going to please everyone. And it's totally ok.

You're human- not super perfect alien.

When you get so down on yourself for not being perfect, when we get discouraged, it sets in deeper every time you aren't able to move forward and let it go. And all of a sudden- it sneaks up on you. That rut of the boring mundane. You are uninspired and unmotivated to do anything. You have gotten so down- that there is no use in trying anymore. That was me just a few months ago. I tried something, and didn't succeed the way I wanted to. I got mad at myself, stopped caring and stopped trying. I was scared of that horrible feeling of being inadequate.

I think that today we should all take a step in the right direction by rekindling the memories of our failures. Think back to that time you tried- you really put your heart into something, and you did not succeed. Maybe you let someone down, or maybe you disappointed no one but yourself. None the less, whatever happened did not feel good. Once you have that memory, embrace it. You can be sad, feel the hurt once again, maybe even cry, then... let it go. Because its ok. I promise. Move on! Move forward! Maybe even laugh at yourself! Stay positive, and give your human self a break. You're far from perfect!

Don't let those fears of your imperfections stop you from reaping the rewards of risk.

I think I wanted to share this with you all because of how I feel in life right now. This has really been something I've been focusing on and thinking about a lot these days. I didn't realize how numb I was until I got inspired once again. And now it feels sooo goood!

So please, my dear friends, excuse the abnormally long winded blog post today. I just know that everyone out there has an inspired, awesome self waiting to emerge. Waiting to fail. And then continuing.

Its oober cheesy to say that "attitude is everything" but it really is.

So thanks for reading friends- I hope this encourages someone out there today :) Its just stuff that's been on my mind :)

Now go out into that world and be your awesome self- become inspired once again! Yeeeah!

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Lauren Ashley said...

Thank you for this. I needed to hear that today.

Joanna Noel said...

I'm so glad. Lauren, you are awesome, just to let you know :)

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