Calling All Creative Ladies!!

So a few things. There's this amazing organization called "Creative Connection."

The purpose is to gather creative ladies together to be friends, encourage and inspire each other.
(You can read more about them here!)

Every month they meet together to chit chat, network, and just be their creative lady selves.
And let me tell you, these events are so much fun! You make a ton of new creative friends,
everyone is encouraging and there to help each other out with their creativity.

I'm a featured designer for the LA meet up this Saturday (Meaning I'm doing all the graphic design for the event) - and I want to offer some creative lady out there a FREE TICKET! Just leave a comment on this blog post to enter, and if you haven't already, head to the Creative Connection Facebook page and like it! Its that easy peasy.

This event is in Manhattan Beach, at the Tea Exchange. 9am-11am. Full of food, tea, and fun.

And remember, if you don't win the free ticket, you can still come and join in on the fun!
Click here to purchase your ticket.

So leave a comment below to join in on the fun! For free! Check the event page for more info on
the event :)

The winner will be announced here tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!!


Rachel Oberg - De Ma Cuisine said...

I've been waiting and waiting in eager anticipation for this post! ;) I hope I win!! :)

Lindsay said...

Certainly wouldn't mind winning... money is tres tight but I love the CCLA ladies!

kat said...

i'm going whether i win or not! ;)

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