Angel Court Giveaway!

This giveaway is from Angel Court Jewels.They're giving away one "delta delta delta" necklace-
which was handcrafted in a historic loft in the heart of Mississippi! How cool is that??

I'm a total jeans and t-shirt kind of girl- throw on a few accessories and BAM. You are now
casual with style. This necklace is perfect for just that! It would jazz up any weekend v-neck,
but would also work great in a more formal setting. Valued at $94- it has a vintage brass curb chain
and a lobster claw clasp.

So here's how you enter for a chance to win. Its really easy, promise.

1- Visit Angel Court's online shop. Have some fun browsin.

2- Leave a comment below.

3- Check back on Monday to see if you won! A winner will be chosen at random.
(side note- Monday I'll also show you the final logo for Waterfall Creative!)

I asked Courtney and Angela (the ladies behind Angel Court) a few questions about
running their business and how they stay inspired. Check it out below!

Me: How did Angel Court Jewels begin?
AC: I would like to say over a drink but it was really a lunch date after tennis
that involved a trip to a dumpster downtown. 

Me: What has inspired your "rock and roll" style? 
AC: We both have artistic, talented mothers who gave us the freedom and
taught us how to design and and  create a unique personal stye. Having always
walked to a different beat,  liking everything in our life to have a bit of an edge,
we find ourselves incorporating this style into every aspect of our lives, fashion,
home and entertaining.

Me: What has been the biggest challenge in finding success in your business?
AC: It isn't very sexy but time management. There isn't ever enough hours in the day!

Me: How do you stay motivated?
AC: Its how we evolve everyday in our lives. We don't want to wear the same
things, so why would we want to design the same thing. We are influenced by movies,
music and travel. 

Me: What is the greatest reward of owning and operating Angel Court?
AC: TRAVEL with out question.

Thanks Angela and Courtney! You ladies rock just as much as your jewelry :)

Don't forget to visit their site and leave a comment below! Check back Monday for the
revealing of the winner! Woot woot!

Happy Friday Friends!!


Reginia said...

Oh Heavens I can not say enough Great Things about the lovely chicks at Angel Court!! I seriously could hang out with them all day haha.
Love this DeltaDeltaDelta necklace - it is so edgy and fun at the same time! :) :)

I am also enjoying your clog Joanna! Heck what's not to love about someone who bakes homemade cookies and watches LOST :)

Laure A. said...

I love that necklace! Gotta love Angel Court!

Eydie Miskel said...

Joanna, I am really impressed with Angel Court! Wow! The jewelry is beautiful! You are the best!

Patricia Valery said...

LOVE Angel Court! They're just amazing!

Jacquie Pickett said...

Angel Court is great! I love there stuff!

Lindsey Brown said...

I love Angel Court and am eager to start following your blog, Joanna. Fingers crossed I win the delta delta delta necklace, even though I was a delta gamma!!

julie pickett said...

Oh My gosh! What a cute necklace, I know just who I will give it to for christmas if I win...wish me luck! Absolutely amazing blog Joanna,...keep up the good work! Angel Court is impressive!

Caren Ross said...

Hey Joanna! Looking forward to you doing Jessica's wedding pictures! You both have very similar tastes in fashion and art. The delta delta delta would look absolutely great on Jessica! =)

Susee Glover said...

wow they have some beautiful jewelry! definitely not what i could afford but it's always so fun looking! i've never heard of them but i love their style! :)

Deborah Yun said...

Hi Joanna! I used to design jewelry in Florence, Italy so I really like the European influences in Angel Court's pieces. Loving your blog :)

Margaret Jacobsen said...

Um, thats THE best necklace ever! I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!

kat said...

It's funny.. when you mentioned this giveaway in your previous post, I was totally eyeing this very necklace. Great job on your first giveaway! :)

elle rat said...

angel court = awesome.
your blog = awesome.

Marybeth Christman said...

Wow, that tri-delta necklace is something else. I am a total t-shirt and jeans gal myself and I can just see that necklace hanging on my neck to jazz it up. Woot Woot!! Angel Court has great stuff and is a cool addition to your blog. Way to go Joanna, you are the bomb!!!

Tawny Burgess said...

Seriously, thank you so much for posting this. I LOVE their shop! Their literary inspired necklaces are so amazing. I think I know what to give for Christmas gifts. Haha.

Oh, and you know that Delta necklace isn't half bad. Haha.


Glenn said...

Wow... as they say on the Irish Spring commercial; "I like it too!" If I win, I'm giving it to Mom for Christmas. Maybe I'll even do some Christmas shopping there because it's so good. Thanks for the tip Jo.

Suzanne Hodson said...

Love your blog, Joanna! And excited to see your rebranding reveal!

Love the Angel Court necklace too! :)

Lily said...

This is an awesome necklace!! I can totally see it working over a button down for the office!

Alyssa said...

Love love love this necklace! They make absolutely beautiful pieces!

Jordan Haselnus said...

I love this necklace! Totally looks like the style of jewelry I'm looking for my wedding!

Gia Hughes said...

I love how this is both masculine and feminine. Very cool!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

this necklace is amazing. i love all the necklaces though - especially the BASCOMB one.

jlaw1407 at hotmail dot com

Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

I hope it's not too late to enter!! I went to their site. Awesome stuff!

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