The Results are IN!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway,
you guys are awesome and I'm glad you all got the chance
to browse through Angel Court's beautiful stuff.
Well, the results are in, and thanks to random.org we have a winner.

Congrats! Email me your address (joannanoelwaterfall@gmail.com)
and we will send you the necklace delta delta delta :)

(The winner, Jenni has a cute blog I kinda just stalked a bit -
since I stalked I had no choice but to share the link!) Yay Jenni!

On a different note...

I hope you all noticed the little blog refresh happening here!
After talking and getting advice from a ton of creatively smart people,
I was able to make my decision and finalize the logo. Here it is folks:


I wanted the logo to be clean and simple, with a mark I felt
was strong enough to stand by itself without the words to go with it.
I thought seriously about changing the mark to a barrel, instead of
the more obvious water droplets. But because I wanted to
use the mark by itself- a barrel is a bit harder to figure
out what's going on. The droplets are a much quicker read.
I also wanted the logo to have an uplifting vibe, while feeling handcrafted
and approachable. These are all things I want my brand to encompass,
so they had to be shown in the logo!

I hope you guys like it as much as I do. I'm really excited to start making
the switch and incorporating the logo into my little re-brand.
I actually created a Waterfall Creative Facebook page too- you can head
over there and like it if you do so wish :)
My next project is to make the changes and conquer my website!
But thanks for everyone's advice and comments, its fun going through
this whole process together, and it's great to hear the opinions of
others when you're working a one-woman studio!

So thanks everyone and congrats again to our winner, Jenni. 
You're gonna rock that necklace in Germany girl.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! I love it. Teri

Lauren Ashley said...

I love the new logo and design of the blog, I'm speechless! It's very soothing yet so exciting! :)

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