Muffin Tin Makeovers

So here is the 2nd post on the "What to do with your" column! Today's post is on what to do
with your old muffin tins. Maybe the one thats rusting a bit in the back of your cabinet. Maybe you
just got a new set of Martha Stewart muffin tins and don't know what to do with your old ones?

Well turns out there's tons of stuff you can do with those guys!
Check out some of these fun projects:

Don't forget you can always paint the tins to give them a little extra pizazz, or to have them
match the colors in your home.

Here are the tutorials on how to accomplish each of these:

Plant Holder | Drawer Organizer | Art #1, #2 | Serving Tray

There's also a few more fun things you can do with these muffin tins, like make your own crayons
and for those moms or babysitters out there, make a kids meal.

Happy muffin tinning friends.

1 comment:

beachcitylifestyle said...

Super cute idea- as usual you are so creative!

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