The Morning and A Good To-Do List.

Good Friday morning! Today as I was sipping on my coffee from my turquoise Fiesta mug
(which I love) chatting over cereal with Nolan, and browsing my usual morning webby reads,
(multi-tasking, at its best) I came across this great article called "How to Make Your To-do List Do-able".

If you're anything like me, you thrive off of To-Do lists. If I don't have one, I usually forget about
things that need to be done and get really easily distracted. But that can happen sometimes even
when I do have a to-do list! So learning how to make a good one es muy importante.

One piece of info I really found helpful was the advice to break your list down into do-able tasks.
Instead of "Find new dentist" have instead "Email Janie and ask what dentist she goes to"
Way more clear and easier to do!

So if you want good advice read it and then get your day on!

Its almost the weekend! woo hoo!

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