The Wonders of Craigslist

Yup. This is our kitchen and this is our fridge. And yes, that is graffiti. All over it.

One thing I know for sure- when your newly married
and have no money, craigslist is your best bud.
And thats where we found this wonder.

So we do actually have a vision for this piece of art... It fits perfectly in our tiny kitchen,
we got an amazing deal on it, and despite what it may look like, its actually a fairly new fridge and a
good brand.

So here's the vision part: this weekend, we are going to magically transform this ghetto tagged up fridge into something that looks a bit like this:

A beautiful chalkboard fridge! Here's the tutorial on how we're gonna make it.

I'll document the whole thing so you can share in the joy of this transformation with us.
I'm pretty excited about it, although this one has kinda grown on me in a weird,
strange way...

But until then, we have a tagged up frige. Its cool. Literally! ha


Lauren Ashley said...

Joanna, I burst up laughing when I saw the graffiti, only because you mentioned Craigslist! Just more room for creativity and up-cycling. You're right--it looks like it is in great shape and just needs some aesthetic love!

The plan is SO creative, I think the upgrade will be an amazing make-over! :)

Melanie said...

That's fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished product. I love chalkboard paint, but would have never thought to paint a fridge with it. You are so clever!

KiKi said...

OMG. Yes!!!

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