What to do with your...

So this blog post is dedicated to a friend who recently asked me what she should do
with her old vintage suitcases. I got really excited at the question, as I've been brainstorming
 the exact same thing after having so many suitcases leftover from our wedding decorations.
So instead of emailing her back, I'm replying with this blog as well as introducing a new column!
Its called "What to do with your..." (super creative, I know, but I like to keep things simple!)

Every so often (when the inspiration is right) I'll post a "What to do with your..." and give
various ideas on what you can do with the everyday items you may have around your house.
You know those things that you hold on to because you think- "I can totally do something cool
with this, so I'but I just don't know what." So you keep it forever and then end up throwing it
 away probably because someone in your household tells you to get rid of it cause you're never
gonna do anything with it. THOSE kind of things :)

So here is post numero uno on vintage suitcases! Enjoy!

And the best thing about suitcases in some instances, such as the end tables, they double as storage
containers! You could also modify this and turn it into a coffee table. Stylish and functional.

Find more info on these wonderful crafts here:


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