DIY Times

Decorating and putting together our house has made me really start looking at home DIY projects like never before. Even things like how to store cans better in your pantry are now helpful to me! (Use a magazine holder) Nolan and I both love to cook, (he's better) and come up with fun ways to have our home be functional while looking good. Its so much fun coming up with ideas together, and it doesn't hurt that he is so handy and can actually accomplish a lot of the ideas we come up with.

Here are some fun homey projects I've found on my web inspiration journeys.

Crock Pot Dinners: So simple, but so great to do and have. You can just grab a bag in the morning before heading to work and not worry about spending money on lunch! Home late and no time or money for dinner? Open up a bag- its always tasty and convenient!

Mason Jar Herb Garden: Great decoration while being functional. Better Homes and Gardens says that virtually any herb can be planted in a mason jar- and its always fresh ready for use when cooking. I'm definitely making a few of these for our kitchen :)

Vintage Chair Shelf: Not sure if we would ever put these up in our house, but it just goes to show how creativity and using what you have around can go a long way. I think something like this would be really cute in a garden area holding plants, gardening gloves and watering cans.

So much inspiration and fun to be explored. All it takes is a little time and determination to add these fun little touches to your home.

If you're on Pinterest- (follow me!) I found a lot of these ideas on this DIY board! Follow it for tons of awesome DIY ideas!


Anonymous said...

Cute DIY inspirations. Love your wedding pics and video. So sweet and you look amazingly beautiful. Teri

Joanna Noel said...

Thanks girl! Its all so fun :)

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