So yesterday was just one of those days. I was just not feeling it.

It started out fine, then the internet problems hit. After that it started getting hot in our house and I was reminded once again that we have no air conditioning and it's supposed to get up to 100 degrees this week. In September. It was just one little thing after another. Nothing really horrible, nothing life changing, just enough to make me feel kinda crappy all day. Have you ever had one of these days? Please tell me I'm not alone.

I started to vent about my feelings to Nolan (my husband). He has this way of making me feel like everything's going to be ok. He just gave some words of advice and gave me a good hug. You know those hugs, where you really feel like someone cares? Like they actually want you there, in their arms? Those are good hugs.

It made me think about how no one would have known how I was feeling if I didn't talk about it.
I can be pretty good at putting on a happy face, masking what's actually going on. I think we all can.

You never know what's happening within the hearts of the people around you. They may be going through something really difficult in their life, in fact, they probably are. There is no such thing as the perfect life.

So today, I challenge you to give someone a hug. A good hug. Let them know you care. Because they probably need it more than you or I will ever know. It's the little things that can make a world of difference.

My sister took this Polaroid of Nolan and I a few weeks ago. The film was really old, as you can tell!
But I love it. I thought it went well with the "good hug" theme of the day :)

Happy Tuesday friends, don't forget to hug and love on each other today!


grace said...

Thank you for this Joanna! Totally had that kind of day today. Such a great reminder that we're not the only ones feeling down in the dumps, everyone needs encouragement!

Hope you continue to recieve lots of sunshine & love on those down days!

Joanna Waterfall said...

Thanks Grace! And you are SO not alone... days are crappy sometimes, happens to all of us :) Sending you love and hugs today!

Мария Стоянова said...

Great post Joanna. hugs!

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