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I know I'm totally late on the game here, but I just downloaded Spotify last week and I have been so in love!! I used to be pretty into music. But as I got older, graduated college and wasn't constantly surrounded by people sharing awesome music with me, I kind of got into this rut of listening to the same stuff over and over.

So when I finally hopped onto Spotify I have been so happy to discover so much good music, as well as heading back to the good classic stuff I've always loved. So, all that being said, if you have Spotify, I thought I'd share with you a playlist I'm using to work to today.

When it comes to work music, I really like something with a good beat and not a ton of words, (it gets hard for me to concentrate on work when I'm singing.)

So if you're not on Spotify, get on it, it's awesome, and if you are, here's a playlist for ya to work to today!

Golddust  //  DJ Fresh
The Rusty Pig  //  Joe and Will Ask?
I Want You Back  //  Discovery
Hood Pass Intact  //  Dam Funk
Promises  //  Nero
Summit - feat. Ellie Goulding  //  Skrillex
Katy On A Mission  //  Katy B
L.E.S Artistes  //  Santigold
Osaka Loop Line  //  Discovery
Lights -  Drop Lamond Remix  //  Ellie Goulding

Listen on Spotify!!

Happy Monday friends!

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