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So I sat down to blog last night (I missed blogging yesterday - oops) and I had so many ideas on what to blog about. I started one, thought of something better, started new, then my husband came home from work and it was over. There would be no blogging that day. Oh well. It's not the first time.

Warning: my thoughts are a bit all over the place this morning. But I wanted to just let you in on a few things happening in my life and my brain these days. Here we go...

One: I am so happy that it's not 100 degrees this week. It's still in the 90's, but I can handle that. I even baked yesterday. It was probably 90, and I thought to myself, I can smell fall. And it was a really good feeling. 90 degrees, I'll take you any day over 100.

Two: I posted a photo a few days ago on Instagram of the beverage containers that had collected on my desk. After I posted it I thought, "why did I do that? That's not cute, it's kind of gross." Then, to make myself feel better, I thought, "I'm just being real, right?" But how real do we get on social media? I mean, seeing someone's gross empty coffee cups on their desk may not be visually what we're going for here... Still wondering if I should have done that... :)

Three: I joined my first Twitter chat yesterday. Have you guys ever done one of those? I was super intimidated. It kind of felt like we were all in a room yelling out these bits of information hoping that someone heard what we were saying. Despite my scared and timid attitude going into it, it took me out of my comfort zone and I think I benefitted from it in the end. I met some cool new Twitter friends too.

Four: This month has FLOWN by. To think next month is October is cray cray. October? Then Thanksgiving... then Christmas! Holy moly. Hello 2013. Life truly does go by faster and faster as you age. Thinking about my new years resolutions right about now...

Five: I'm trying to eat healthy again. I think part of my posting all of my empty caffeinated beverages on Instagram made me re-examine my health habits. It's going well so far. Except for the baking thing yesterday... Everything in moderation, right??

Six: Wednesdays are now my husband and I's new date nights. Every night of the week now we each have some sort of obligation, except for Wednesdays. So we decided that was our night to hang. I'm planning on making a yummy dinner for us and renting a good Red Box. Last time we watched "The Iron Lady" with Meryl Streep. SUCH a good movie. I cried. A lot. So today I'll be sporadically browsing food blogs for ideas on what I should make tonight, and if anyone has any good movie suggestions, I'm happy to hear them :)

Ok, I think that's it. Thanks for letting me babble here for a bit. If you made it this far in the post, I appreciate you. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, embrace the simple things and don't stress :) Yay!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I think that how you're examining these things you've done is really beautiful, actually. Feeling insecure and wondering how far to go must be a surreal feeling in a situation like yours. I will probably never have the online notoriety that you do, so this is hard for me to imagine! However, I think you shouldn't regret those kinds of pictures, you should bake more, and really treasure those Wednesday evenings!

(Fun fact! My fiancé and I also have Wednesdays as our hang out nights. It's been really great, and I try so hard not to take it for granted, because it's so great!)

Thanks for a great, real post, just like this.

Lauren M. said...

I agree, life really does go by faster as you age. I think it's after you graduate from high school. I don't know where the years have gone!

It's good that you and your husband have a weekly date night! Keep the love alive :) My husband and I have a monthly date night on our anniversary date (the 26th) and it's fun coming up with different things to do.


Tamara said...

Always happy to hear your babble, friend. I've never heard of a Twitter chat. You should tell me about it on our next skype date which needs to be soon. Love you

Joanna Waterfall said...

You guys just made my day. Thanks for your support and for coming over here and reading what I write on this thing. It's fun to know people are out there listening :)

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