Yasmin Sarai Photography Branding

I love doing work for photographers, especially because they photograph their work so beautifully after the job is done!

Yasmin Sarai came to me wanting a simple, sparkly logo that could translate onto different mediums for her new photography business.

I decided to create something clean and bold, with a slight gold gradient within the typeface, all held together by a stroked teal rectangle. (It didn't hurt we shared a similar love of gold and teal!) It was simple enough to translate, yet recognizable and encompassing her personality.

Yasmin loved this one right away, having no changes from the initial concept! (That is SO rare!!)

Yasmin wanted an icon to be used alongside her logo. She told me how much she loves bows, so we came up with this cute little bow for her to use across her brand. Adding the perfect touch of girl to her look!

We created this cute little stamp for her as well.

Yasmin, you were so great to work with- I look forward to seeing your business grow! If anyone needs a photographer in the California bay area, check her out!

All photos from Yasmin Sarai Photography


bre said...

pretty. :) and props on getting it right away, that's SO RARE!!

Lauren M. said...

Great job! I love it.

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