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I love coming across a well curated design blog. This morning in my design inspiration browsings I came across September Industry. The images are no smaller than 800px wide, all to allow the reader to see the finer details in every project they post. They go for quality over quantity, which is why it is only updated every few weeks. I was wowed by some of their postings and have reposted some of my favorites below!

I'm a sucker for these colors... gold and teal. And mixed with a bold, black stripes?
Just lovely.

A book and packaging created for Mulberry's 40th Anniversary. The fun party packaging mixed with the sophisticated book is really working.

Mulberry's branding. I'm in love with the geometric lining on those envelopes. The rest of the branding is pretty great as well.

There is so much more goodness for the design lover here. 

Happy Monday friends!

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Lauren M. said...

Wow, I love that first set! You're right, the colors are beautiful!

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