DIY Wine Bottle Animal Stopper

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday- it's time for another DIY with Grace over here. I'm especially excited about this one. Ever have a bottle of wine that you want to save, but just cannot get that cork back inside? This DIY will help out, and in style :)

What you'll need:
Glue gun/glue sticks
Cork stoppers
White spray paint
Some animal friends (I bought mine at a farm supply store)

1. Give the little guys their first coat of paint. Don't worry about covering everywhere, as they will need several coats.
2. Spray another coat onto the animals, and make sure you turn them upside down, side to side and back on their feet to cover every bit of them.

3. After they have dried, take your glue gun and dab an even amount of glue on the animals belly (or directly onto the corks top). Then stick the animal to the cork!

4. Repeat with all of your chosen critters, and let them dry for a minute or two.

5. Pop them on your favorite wine and enjoy their sweet drink savin abilities!


Yasmin Sarai said...

Aw, this is too cute!

invisibly said...

ooh something to do with my tiny dinosaurs

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