Podcast Love

Do you guys listen to podcasts much? I go through phases. Sometimes I can't get enough and they're all I listen to, other times I need a mind break and just listen to music. But these past few days I've been listening to a ton of podcasts as I work. Yesterday I finally got the chance to listen to Grace Bonney's (of Design*Sponge) new(ish) podcast called After the Jump. After listening to the first episode, I had to listen to another, and another. And yes, there are 7 episodes to date and I listened to them all! 

Here's the description from the site: "Design blogger Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge takes her love art and design from the web to radio. Through a series of interviews with designers, store owners and up-and-coming members of the creative community, Grace will delve deeper into the world of independent artists. From exploring the day-to-day lives of contemporary makers to discussing the challenges they face, After the Jump will take the conversation off the screen and into real life."

I mean, how can you not love a podcast where Grace Bonney speaks with amazing artistic talent such as Sibella Court, Meg Mateo, and Genevieve Gorder?? So good! 

You can listen to the podcast free on itunes, or stream it from Heritage Radio. Truly, if you are interested in the up-and-coming creative community and are ready to be inspired by the amazing things they're doing out in the world, you won't be disappointed. Have fun friends! 


Diana said...

I loved the one with Genevieve Gorder! I adore her.

Marie-Eve said...

Thank you for the tip!
I didn't know that Grace Bonney had made those podcasts.
Straight to my bookmarks!

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