A New Series...

Hey Friends! Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to be introducing a new series we'll be having here regularly on the blog! It has to do with awesome creative projects easy enough for anyone to pull off... 

Grace and I met on a trip to Uganda, Africa while we were both in college- and we've been buddies ever since. This girl seriously has talent for creating... I mean you walk into her house, and anything that screams cute, she made herself. She's the queen of DIY and doesn't even realize how talented she is. Not only is Grace humble, but she's an amazing friend who views life in such a beautiful way. She's one person who I feel completely comfortable telling anything to- our conversations always leave me inspired. Not to mention- she loves coffee just as much as me, which is totally a friendship bonus!

I know I keep mentioning this- but I AM getting ready to launch a new site (these things take time!) I asked Grace to come along and be my first regular contributor to my new and improved blog! She was so kind to say yes :) Needless to say, my new site is not up yet, but Grace started sending me projects and I couldn't help but post one! Just think of it as a sneak peak to all the goodness that's to come! 

So here it is, project #1!

What you'll need:

- Three small plants that will do well indoors (I would use succulents, herbs, or different types of fern)
- One 2x4 and a handsaw if you will be cutting it shorter
- Three mason jars
- Three silver things (I honestly have no idea what they are, I just know they live in the plumbing section at Home Depot. If you take a mason jar with you, pick the one that fits snugly around the mouth)
- Nails
- Small rocks or pebbles
- Fresh dirt

This project is a little more about spacing and placing according to what you feel looks right, so I'm throwin inches and precision out!

STEP ONE: Place the metal fasteners at even distances on your piece of wood.
Take the first mason jar, fit the fastener around it and nail that bad boy down (easy peasy). Repeat with the other two, spacing them evenly along the board.

STEP TWO: Put a few pebbles or small rocks in the bottom of your mason jars to make sure your little planties get plenty of drainage. This way you can watch the water level to make sure you don't drown the poor fellas.

STEP THREE: Fill each mason jar about halfway up with dirt.

STEP FOUR: Hang them. You may want to nail directly through the board, or drill holes in the back for hanging (I did both for extra support).

Now sit back and enjoy your little wall forest!

You can tweak this how ever you want. Maybe spray paint the fasteners gold, or paint the wood a bright color, use your creativity!

Thanks so much Grace! Looking forward to more DIY's!! (And a new blog- it's coming I promise!)


Diana said...

I really love this! Such a cute way to incorporate plants into your home and super easy!


ana flávia said...

super cute D.I.Y. !! really nice begin for the new series!


Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

Wonderful idea!!

Joanna Waterfall said...

Thanks everyone! Let me know if you try it out!

Deanna said...

I'm def going to do this one but i think for the summer anyway i'll hang them outside, I think mine i'll do herbs & spices to cook with just pick out your mason jar a spice cool idea thanks!

Deanna said...

I'm def going to do this one but i think for the summer anyway i'll hang them outside, I think mine i'll do herbs & spices to cook with. You go to your mason jar & get a piece to put in your food. cool idea thanks!

hermes birkin 35 said...

Great job. that is beautiful. I love it. will make one myself.

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