Weekend Bits.

This past weekend I went camping- and it was a blast. We went to Joshua Tree, a place full of large rocks and cactus. It doesn't sound like much, but when you go start climbing those huge rock formations, prepare to fall in love with the place.

Today my body hurts like crazy from all the rock climbing we did- but it was so worth it!

There's something about camping I just love. The smell of the smoke from the bonfire, the food cooked outside, sleeping in a tent, being surrounded by nature- it's so refreshing. I can't wait to go again!

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Anonymous said...

I spent every summer growing up camping, so I miss some bits of it but I've had my share for a lifetime. I agree the campfires and fresh air and evenings are the best! Teri

invisibly said...

i love camping, it's not exactly allowed to have bonfires here in austria but if you are careful it's ok. i love to spend nights next to the fire and look into the black night sky :) lovely pics

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