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Let's talk about clothes for a sec. With Christmas partys and other festivities happening lately, its fun to get dressed up. Or not, that's cool too. I'm the kinda girl who doesn't go shopping all too often, I just recycle my closet and try to mix and match stuff. I'm not too sure how good at it I am, but it's what works for me!

Most of the time when I'm headed out, I am rushing and changing a million times, slowly but surely hiding the carpet in our room as I'm throwing my clothes all over the place. Usually Im just looking for that one thing to make my outfit pop a little bit. Something that changes the norm to the glam. And it doesn't even have to be anything fancy fance!

Here are a few quick go-to fashion tips you can pull off in less than a min. Right when you're headed out the door. And you'll look amazing!

Numbero Uno: Heels with socks. I know it might take a little getting used to if you've never done it before. But adding some socks to go with that dress and heels can really change up your outfit. A great way to recycle those shoes you're constantly wearing. Maybe get bold and wear some red socks to a Christmas party... oh yes. I think that would be amazing.

Dos: Bangles and Rings. We underestimate the power of these guys. But they add so much! Wear one chunky gold bangle with a simple ring, or layer them like crazy to make a bigger statement! Again, super easy to throw on as your headed out the door, but they make all the difference!

Numbero Tres: Colorful Lips and Colorful Shoes. When you've got some gold sparkly shoes on- or any bright color for that matter, your outfit is gonna look awesome. Throw on some pink lips like Gwen over here. (Here's a great red lip tutorial perfect for the Christmas parties) Its that subtle pop of color that stands out from the rest of your outfit. It says, "I got class, but totally not boring."

So there you have it! Try one of these tips next time your headed out the door and only have a minute or two to give your outfit that glam sparkle.

PS- I totally meant to post this blog this morning, but accidentally stayed up too late and slept in... not having time to do it this morn. oopsies. So sorry to all you morning readers. But I do hope you are all having a lovely afternoon!

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Elegantpaws said...

Cute red shoes. They would compliment Chrismassy colours everywhere!

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