Every Thursday a few of us girls where I live try and get together for lunch.
Sometimes we'll go out, and sometimes we go over to other's houses to eat a home cooked meal.
This past Thursday Rachel from De Ma Cuisine came over to my casa, and being the professional
chef I am, I made us grilled cheese. We ate it with salad and cider. It was actually pretty good, I think
it was because I used fresh french bread from the local market to make the sandwiches. And I must say, grilled cheese and apple cider go very well together. Especially when it's cold outside. Who knew.

Rachel also showed me her new business cards from the logo I designed a while back.
I was so happy with how they came out! Just had to share :)

And I just have to say that its been raining all day today and I'm freezing at my desk right now.
My scarf is wrapped around my head and I'm consuming abnormal amounts of warm coffee.
Nolan is out working in the garage... how he is standing the cold I have no idea. Is anyone else
out there freezing with me??


Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

YOU also designed the cards!!! You're fabulous!!! I love my logo and my cards and our Thursday lunches!!! Thanks, friend! :)

Jaymee said...

I love that logo! So cute!

beachcitylifestyle said...

love her logo
love that you make grilled cheese (in fact I may have that for dinner now).
sorry you are so cold, but yes me too. it makes me kinda lazy which isn't good. Teri

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