Once I fell in love with Ginnifer Goodwin.

So I don't know how many of you have seen this new wondrous little show called Once...
but if you secretly think you belong in a storybook, this show is for you.

Ever since the first time I saw her in Mona Lisa Smile I have loved Ginnifer Goodwin.
But seriously, she's taken it to another level in this show (don't mind my sounding like a tv critique here)
First off, she plays Snow White, who has been cursed (along with numerous other storybook characters)
and placed into what we know as regular life. The show flashes back and forth from before the curse (fairy tail land) to their lives as "regular people" where they are living regular lives,  and because of the curse, they have forgotten their true identities.

So I'm in love with Ginnifer on the show not only because she rocks that short hair so well,
but because of who she is. She is beautiful, fierce, and loves deep. She knows deep down she
was made for another land. Her demeanor is kind but at the same time you can sense the strength
in her. She knows that good must prevail- even though she's not always sure how to make that
a reality.

I think I love her character so much because I feel like we all know deep down we were created for something more- we know that this land isn't the only place for us. So I kinda relate to her in some strange way. I want to be able to fight for good like she does. I want to be able to be my kind and bubbly self, but still let my strength and values be prevalent in my life. She portrays a fierce spirit and a beautiful courage while being soft and tender hearted at the same time.
Its like saying "I am strong- but I am still a beautiful woman. Inside and out." I love that.

So pretty much I think you should watch the show (if you haven't already) and fall in love with Ginnifer too. Have any of you guys seen it? Anyone love her as much as me?

Oh and one more thing- its FRIDAY. So be happy cause its practically the weekend- yeeeah!

Happy Friday folks!

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meesch said...

I LOVE that show and I love her, she's so obnoxiously loveable... and she looks amazing with the pixie haircut!


Stacee Lianna said...

i have that show saved on my DVR & i haven't had a chance to watch yet, but i agree, i LOVE Ginnifer Goodwin!!!!! she's so freaking cute!

Danelle said...

I freaking love Once Upon A Time. Such a good show and the art direction is lovely.

invisibly said...

she really is pretty! love the show, i can only watch it online they don't show it on tv here :)

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