Settin the Mood

So I really enjoy creating mood boards for clients- depending on the project.

It think it helps to set a "mood" of the project before you really get going designing.

It brings me back to high school when my binder was filled with pictures and magazine
cutouts slipped behind that plastic cover that never failed to crinkle and ruin your photos. (That always really bugged me.)

Everyone did it, it showed the people in your classes who you were, if you were artsy you would have artsy pics, if you were obsessed with your boyfriend your binder was plastered with photos of the two of you together. I guess high school binders were really like mood boards for teenagers.

Kinda like Facebook these days... wow I feel old...

Anyways here are some mood boards I've done recently.

The binder cover-like setting the mood for the projects!

Yay for moods! Set yours today- a good one preferably :)

Happy Thursday!

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