My Grandpa the Awesome Guy

Good mooorning and happy Wednesday to you all! (I feel like saying that in a Santa voice would be
pretty sweet)

I want to take this time to tell you a little bit about my Grandpa Steve.

When I grow up, I want to be like him. The guy is approaching is 80s, has had a major heart attack where he literally died and was brought back by the grace of God (that's a whole other story) lived half of his life
with a severe addiction to alcohol, and has had other various health problems.

But it doesn't stop him. Just last weekend he finished a bike ride to raise money for the disease MS.
He volunteers at his local hospital 4x a week, and received his black belt in Tai Kwon Do just a few
years ago.  I mean really, the guy is nothing short of awesome.

He is constantly taking pictures with his Fujifilm disposable camera of everything and anything going on. He'll stop traffic just to get that perfect shot. And after he gets them developed, he sends the best photos in the mail to everyone who is in them. So we can all share in the disposable camera bliss.

So just yesterday I got my letter in the mail filled with Fujifilm shots. I had to share this one with you.

Taken around 6am when my grandpa dropped Nolan and I off at the airport on our way to Seattle.

So his shot might be just a little off sometimes, but its the thought that counts, right??

I love my grandpa so much and now that Nolan and I live in Burbank, we are only a few miles from
my grandparents house, which I am so thankful for. We get to spend much more time with them, and we get tons more pictures, so thats pretty cool also.

All this being said, I just really love him. When I get letters in the mail with disposable camera shots
I always get a good laugh, and remember how much my grandpa means to me.

Here's another shot from the bunch of us at the bike ride this past weekend.
Isn't he handsome??


I love you grandpa! Thanks for being an inspiration and always making me smile!

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