Pickles Pickles Pickles in the Summer.


So my fiance is OBSESSED with pickles. (The cucumber kind) He will literally eat a full jar in one sitting if he let himself. When he was little he was caught chowin down on 30 year old pickles from his grandma's basement... to this day he says they were the best pickles he's ever had. I'm just glad he's alive...

Anyways, I've been really wanting to be all wife-y and make some homemade pickles for him to eat!

So today I came across Sunday Suppers recipe for picked grapes and Im dying to taste and make some of these little guys. Its a new spin on a timeless classic! They sound like they would be perfect for a decently healthy snack on a hot day. They might even be cute as a gift, placed in a little jar with a little ribbon wrapped around the lid. Ok super cute.

I'm stoked to make some for my man... even though I don't think anything could ever take the place of regular pickles in Nolan's life... maybe if they marinate for 30 years.

Let me know if any of you have tried these or made them before! I'd love to know what they're like!

photos by Karen Mordechai

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Anonymous said...

Shoot dang I want to try this too!

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