Paper Scraps


I hate having to throw things away, its something I'm learning how to do.
I just can't help but think, "I can use these sometime in the future!"
A few years later they're still in the "I'll use these one day" box.

I have a ton of paper scraps collected over the years, and have rounded
up some DIY's on what you can do with those guys! If you have a ton of
scraps you just can't throw away, maybe try one of these crafts to turn them
 into something you'll actually love and use!

1: Paper Scrap Flowers. Limited only by your creativity.
The uses for these are endless!

2: Recycled Paper Notebooks. Gifts, journals, sketchbooks, scrapbooks.
Fun times.

3: Book Cover and Freshened Up Ruler! Paper scraps can cover an
already existing journal or book, line a ruler that needs a bit of freshness,
or even cover a pencil or scissors.

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