Invitation to a Lovely Wedding

Remember this little lady who just got married in Portland? Well I thought I'd share with you one more part of the wedding I had the pleasure of being apart of - designing their wedding invites!

Here's a little behind the scenes look at how Grace and Josh's invite was born into the world:


After getting inspired and sketching out the invites, I brought those tiny sketches into the computer, did a little paint-y paint in Photoshop, and...

The finished product. Complete with a goose (Grace's long time nickname) a deer, (representing Josh) a woodsy forest scene, add one map and RSVP card and wallah! The invite is born!

I know I've already done a blog post on Grace and Josh's wedding, but I have to give one more congrats to the couple, being as this post was all about their invites. So congrats again to the wonderful couple!

Yay marriage!

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