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I'm really excited to announce to you a new series I'll be starting here on the blog!
I'm calling it "Design Journey." I'll be talking with some fabulous designers about when they entered into the design world, how they got to where they are today and any advice they have to give. We're starting off the series today with the ultra-talented designer and a friend of mine, Eva Black. Enjoy!

Hello! I'm Eva Black. I'm a graphic designer and studio owner of Eva Black Design. I work and live in Los Angeles with my husband. Most of my work consists of brand identity, web design and paper goods. The style of my work usually includes, texture and graphic elements with a big emphasis on type and color. I also have a love for working with my hands which shows up in my work with the use of various hand made elements and pieces.

When did you decide you wanted to be a graphic designer?
Back in High School, I took the one and only 'computer graphics' class that was offered and loved it, I knew right then that it was what I wanted to do 'when I grew up.' But I don't think we even used Photoshop, I think it was Corel Painter. It wasn't until college where I really got into real design and haven't looked back since.

How did you transition from being a student in school to being a designer in the "real world"?
I think for me, it was kind of smooth transition because it was gradual. The last semester at school I was a part-time student, working part-time at my school's marketing department, doing freelance another part-time and working on my final senior project. So when graduation came, I had already been freelancing and had built up my portfolio and client list and was ready to move forward with more on my own work.

What was your first paid design job?
My first actual paid design job was at my school's marketing department. It was an internship, but thankfully paid! I actually learned a lot from that job, specifically how to work with vendors, because that wasn't something they really 'taught' in school and it's more something you learn as you do. My first freelance paid job ( however pretty cheap ) came shortly after, where I made a logo for a friend.

How have you been able to make a name for yourself in the design community? 
By making connections and working hard. The best part of making connections in the design community, is that you have a community. I've met some really great people ( like Joanna! ) by building relationships that are built on being designers. Working really hard is also really important. Being a designer isn't always easy but when you work hard you're able to see your progress.

What is one quality you think all designers should have? 
Staying focused. Focus on your design first and foremost. It's the most important part of being a designer. I think our work should be continually progressing and we should stay focused on becoming better designers.

What advice would you give to a new graphic designer?
Work hard and make those connections! You might be an amazing designer but no one will see it if no one knows about you. Whether that be trying to get a job at a design firm or do freelance work, let people know about you! Most people will come to you because not only do you have great work but because people will know you personally or they've heard of you through word of mouth.

Thanks so much Eva! You are an inspiration!!

Find more of Eva here:  Portfolio  //  Blog  //  Twitter

Happy Tuesday friends! Make it a great one!


Christine Gosch said...

SUCH a fabulous start to what I'm sure will be a wonderful series :) Keep inspiring me ;)

Eva Black said...

Thanks so much for having me! :)

Sarah Reeves said...

Eva is such a wonderful designer! Loved reading this!

Joanna Waterfall said...

So glad you guys like it :)

And Eva- Thanks so much for being a wonderful first feature!


What a great and inspiring post. I love your answer to the last question. There is no substitute for making connections and working hard. Bravo!

twiggs said...

great interview!!! i've been such a fan of eva's work and it's really such a good story!! maybe not many were that fortunate! it's interesting what she says about making connections! i'm a self-taught photographer and designer, and though i'm already pretty recognized as a lifestyle photographer, and belong to a community of photographers, i lack that on the design part. will try to get into that more and more for sure!

Bikram said...

i'm already pretty recognized as a lifestyle photographer, and belong to a community of photographers, i lack that on the design part.

hermes bag said...

Nice girl. I love the designs. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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