Weekend Time

Happy weekend everyone! I found this photo on and just fell in love with the spirit of it. I want to be her!

So I hope you all have fun plans this weekend. If no fun plans, I hope you have some good relaxation time :) I'm headed to Magic Mountain tonight and kinda nervous... I haven't been on a big roller coaster probably since my freshman year of college... hoping I can still handle those things!

This week I've realized I have a ton of my own stuff I need to catch up on... I'm STILL working on a new website... gosh that thing is taking me forever... For now I hope you guys can still follow me and see what I'm working on here on the good 'ol bloggy. I have some fun posts to plan for you guys, and am working on vamping up my personal brand. So stick with me here as I grow and develop into something (hopefully) more awesome!

Happy weekend friends! Hope it's a great one! 

PS - If you're living in a place where it's under 90 degrees this weekend - enjoy a pumpkin spice latte for me, will ya? I'll be sweating over here longing for fall to come...

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