Instagram Love

These days I am more in love with instagram than ever. What a neat thing to have a visual glimpse into what someone else is seeing or doing at that very time of day. It's slowly taking over my social media time.

One Instagrammer who I'm a huge fan of is Kristin Rogers. She's an amazing photographer in real life, and captures her personal family life through her Instagram feed. She has two lovely daughters and a husband she adores. Through her photos, I'm reminded to appreciate the simple things and see the everyday as beautiful, because that's what she does. She makes the everyday things magical.

You'll find yourself in love with her gorgeous family in no time.

You can follower her @kristinrogers on Instagram and check out the rest of her amazing feed here.

Appreciate the simple things today. That's what life is made of.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna follow her! I love Instagram too!

Joanna Waterfall said...

Yay! She's so great :)

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