The Simples.

Yesterday was a long day, with plenty of things going on, including having to attend the funeral
of a family friend.

Life can be strange, and I think it's in these times we have to remember to enjoy and appreciate
the simple things. Like a good hug from a friend who cares, a warm cup of coffee in the morning,
laughing at a stupid movie with your husband, or seeing the sun peaking through the window as it sets. These things are apart of the everyday, and they are the things we remember when looking back.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember to embrace the simples.

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Ashley said...

"enjoy the simples"

love that.

Serena said...

You're right. The simple things are usually ignored and considered unnecessary, instead they're the most beautiful, amazing and important things that we can see.

Joanna Waterfall said...

Great words Serena :) Love that.

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