A good pair

Did these illustrations the other day, after thinking about how I need a new pair of flats, and how they're not that easy to find. Once I find the right pair of flats, I wear them way too much until they
fall apart. Well I'm in the fall apart stage of my flats right now, and really need to find a new pair.


So I drew a pic about it.


Natasha Foster said...

couldn't agree more

Lauren Roberts said...

such an adorable illustration and such a true statement! once you find a good pair you better hope they come in several colors. hope you find a pair you love!

AntologĂ­a said...

i agree with you, flats are a must but it is so difficult to find the perfect pair :(

but good news! i found the best ones...Pilcro (like these http://pinterest.com/pin/3940718393874843/)
they are comfortable, pretty and they come in great colors.
You can find them at Anthropologie, even though they are a little bit expensive i can tell you they are worth it!

hope my advice helps you :)
p.s. love your blog

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