So remember this post? Well it is finished friends!

I love working with photographers- they're creative and love to hear new ideas. Working with DJ from Daniel James Photography was no different.

This was our first round of logos. he wanted something that represented who he is, but still resonated with the female crowd he so often works with when he shoots weddings.

We narrowed it down, made a few tweaks, and here it is! The new logo for Daniel James Photography.
The type is handwritten and the icon is custom illustrated. I had so much fun working on this one!


AND I have some really cool news for you guys- DJ is going to use his awesome photo skills and be giving away a photo shoot here on this blog tomorrow! You can check out his photography here, come back tomorrow and see more about DJ and his work, and enter to win! woo hoo!


Happy Thursday friends!


Linz said...

So cute! Is it wrong that I want ALL of those fonts that you used? :)

Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

I LOVE it, Joanna...manly and sophisticated!! Where is he from?

Joanna Waterfall said...

Thanks guys! He's located in the Southern CA area :)

invisibly said...

handsome! :) looks like an old seal, i really like that!

Ranu said...

I love how that came out Joanna! It's fun to see all of the concepts too! Great job.

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