My Week to the End.

One of my good friends from my hometown (we've been friends since we were 10!) came and stayed with us this weekend. It was so great to have her in town. We relaxed, strolled the city, drank mimosas, ate good food, drank coffee, and watched Harry Potter.

We also played tourist and went to the Kodak theater to see the Academy Awards being set up. I wanted to sneak through that gate so bad! On Sunday, we headed over to our friend's house for an Oscar Party. I've talked about Rachel on here a bit- (she's the one who has this awesome talent of making amazing food.) She made tons of themed snacks/appetizers and drinks to go with each movie that was nominated! Not only was it such a cute idea- but it was SOO yummy.

It's not always easy for me to take a weekend and not get on my computer- but I totally did this weekend, and I feel so refreshed and ready for a hard work week! Let's do this!

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Rachel - De Ma Cuisine said...

Those cupcakes were so yum! I think I ate 3. I intend to eat another today. I linked to your post with mine, 'cause I didn't have a photo of them. Thanks for making them!

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