Goodbye Cam.

After years of countless road trips, crazy commutes, numerous parking tickets, thousands of coffee spills, a Chinese fire drill here and there, many kisses at stop signs and tons of other memories- I'm finally saying goodbye to my '91 Toyota Camry. It broke down on me a few times last week, and it's not being brought back.

This car was the BEST. It ended it's life having driven a good 310,000 miles. Yup. 310,000. My goal was to get it to 400... I kinda drive- A LOT- which is why I'm so sad to let this guy go! I'm getting a new car this week and am excited to have something nice, but I can't help but feel emotional about not having my Camry anymore! I know it's kinda weird, but I feel this odd connection to my car- I mean, I've spent a ton of time in this thing!

These are some pics I took a few years ago while I was driving up to Sacramento. It was a beautiful day after the rain, and I had to pull over and capture the 5 freeway on one of it's best days. And yes, my brother and I spray painted those birds on the side. I loved them.

So goodbye Cam! Thanks for the memories and getting me through 310,000 miles.


julie pickett said...

Great post. who were you kissing at stop signs? ;-)

beachcitylifestyle said...

OOOHHH. So sad. It had a great run with you. Teri

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