Have you heard?

Have you guys heard Lana Del Rey yet? I fell in love with her music once her song randomly played on an iTunes radio station I was listening to. Her soothing voice and intense lyrics really captivate.
Her feel is a bit dark, but beautiful.
It's perfect music to design/work to.

There's a great interview with her here on Pitchfork. Definitely keep watching out for her, she's making
waves in the music world, and her new album releases this month! Can't wait!

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Ciara said...

She just got signed on a modeling contract too! (totally makes sense)

Katie Louise said...

I love Lana Del Rey she's amazing! What programme do you use to create your posts, indesign or photoshop? They always look so lovely!!

Joanna Waterfall said...

@Ciara- that does totally make sense. She is GORGEOUS. @Katie, I use Photoshop most of the time, but Illustrator when I'm doing more text-heavy posts :) Thanks for the complement!

Anonymous said...

I've heard her music for the first time one week ago, her voice is wonderful!

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