I don't know about you guys, but I FINALLY feel like this week I'm getting back into the real swing
of things after the holiday break. My sister was in town from Portland up until this weekend, and it's hard to get anything done when you have family who you don't get to see often in town!

As much as I loved the holidays, it's now nice to get back to normal. Normal eating, working and scheduling. So I'm getting back on the work horse and being productive. It feels good.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel like things are back to normal until roughly mid February...silly holidays and their all consuming powers. And yes, I am glaring at the Christmas stuff that seems to have disassembled itself but then remained in a pile in the corner... ;) -Carson

Joanna Waterfall said...

haha I feel ya on that. I'm still holding on to my favorite Christmas decos :) They can't make me take them down!

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