Let me tell you a bit about...
So last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to intern for the LA Blogshop. 
Created and ran by Bri Emery (of Design Love Fest) and Angela Kohler (the genius photographer
behind this little wonder.) This was my second time interning for Blogshop. My first time was
actually their frist time as well. Bri and Angela had this great idea to teach people Photoshop so
they can have the knowledge to make their blog look great. Then, they were just starting out-
now they have traveled to Europe and back, and all over the states teaching people through
Blogshop. It has been so neat to see their growth from that first time I helped out, to now, where they
are old pros.

One thing that inspires me about Bri, Angela and Blogshop is the fact that it started
out as an idea- they followed through on that idea and didn't let anything stop them. They have worked hard, and it shows. These girls are super talented and highly determined, a dangerously awesome combo. They make me want to do what I do and do it right.

I just have to say, they served shepherd's pie from whoa nelly catering, and it was AWESOME.


So thanks ladies for having me! It was amazing and I can't wait to see what Blogshop will do next!
See Bri's post on the LA blogshop here.

If you want to follow Blogshop, they totally have a Twitter :)
Photos by angela + ithyle, from DLF

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