beauty advice from the old days

This weekend I was looking for some inspiration in some old books I had bought for
our wedding. I found this old cosmetology book and got a kick out of the
stuff that was in there- some of it I think could be applied to us today... (my best friend
is a cosmetologist, so I usually get my beauty tips from her, knowing next to nothing
myself!) But just take a look at a few of these pages! Funny stuff. (and I really do love the

I'm so glad they remind us not to be "awkwardly slumped" and to take a daily shower or bath and to use underarm deodorant. Thanks fifty's ladies for the beauty tips on this Tuesday morn!


Anonymous said...

I'm always drawn to those good old fashion kind of books and mags. They always have good, practical advice. Teri

Margaret Jacobsen said...

This is the best post! Thank you for sharing this!

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