The Ocean Builder EP

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm sharing with you my little brother Jonny's new EP he just released,
The Ocean Builder. He is a talented musician who I am so proud of to say the least.

All of his songs are written by him, lyrics, music and all. He also plays all of the instruments and recorded everything himself. Even the creek noise and crickets were recorded by him in the hills behind his house! Jonny also wrote and sang a song at our wedding during our ceremony. It was such a special time for us, a beautiful song that gives me chills. His EP is nothing less.

I had the opportunity to do this sketch for his cover art. Jonny knew exactly what he wanted, all I
had to do was put it onto paper.

So enough rambling about how awesome he is, go down below and listen for yourself!
Then download it so you can listen to it always!

Take a listen below, just press play! Happy Friday!

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Tamara said...

How come I can't see the player?

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